Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review : The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Title : The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Author : Washington Irving
Publication date : 1820, click here to download the book

Since it's almost Halloween, I thought it would be cool to read some scary stories. I don't really read horror anyway, not because I am such a chicken, but it's rare that I feel connected enough with a ghost story. Maybe I should blame the covers since it's one of those things that make me pick a book. Horror covers are usually scary or ghostly, and a ghost rarely look cute nor whimsical, so yeah...

I have this intention to read more classic. I was so ignorant about them in the past because I couldn't relate with ancient writing style. They tend to be a bit too poetic for me, and bear too much unnecessary details. Then again, taste were so much different back then, I could as well tolerate it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monotony of A Book Blog : Boring Things I Find in Bookish Blogosphere

Hello dearest readers, great to see you again! I am so in the mood to talk about blogging things, so let's talk about a book blog. Yes, the kind we mostly read regularly and even you might have one too! I enjoy reading book blogs and I have tons of them on my subscribing list. It's fun to see what other bloggers read and find out whether they like their recently read books. I also love the discussions they create, because that's why we set up or blog, to have a conversation. Anyway, there are a few things I find to be not that great that spread around book blogs. Here there are:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Review : Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Title : Life of Pi
Author : Yann Martel
Publication date : August 29th 2006 by Seal Books

When I first saw Life of Pi's cover, I thought this was a book about a boy with his pet tiger. Well, I was not completely wrong. There's indeed a boy and a tiger, but the book has so much more depth in it. I have seen people raving about this book for a while, even the movie was made a few years ago. I think I am kind of late on this one, but never mind, you're never to late to enjoy a book, no?

Piscine Moritol Patel (a.k.a. Pi) is a boy whose parents owned a zoo in Pondicherry, India. When business wasn't not good, his parents decided to move to Canada for a better life. So, off they went on a Japanese ship called Tsimtsum. They journey didn't go smoothly. The ship was hit by a storm and Pi discovered that there was a Bengal tiger with him on the life boat.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Design Giveaway : Enter to Win It!

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to tell you that I am now holding my first giveaway. More are to come, don't worry! For now, one lucky winner will get this package from my Etsy shop with total worth of $38 and that includes:

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Palembang : The City of Smoke

Hello everyone, great to see you again! You know, I don't really post updates about my personal life, let alone about what happens in where I live, but here you go, this one is worth a blog post. I've been living in Palembang, the capital city of Sumatera Selatan province since 2009. Time flies so fast. I moved here to follow my husband, I was seven months pregnant with my first daughter at that time, and now I have two girls.

I wrote this post because I am very saddened about this smoke occurrence. Fresh and clean air is a scarce thing here in Palembang. The news said it's because the forest is burning and the smoke travels to towns and cities even neighboring province. It's now the seventh week and still there's no sign of the smoke to disappear. I am a morning person and I miss the warm fresh air. The irony is, the smoke is the thickest in the morning.

This is the view from my work place. Notice how "cloudy" the sky seems, nope it's not rain cloud.
How I wish I had an instant escape door because I am so tired of this smoke. You may see in the picture that the weather looks nice and cool. It's not. It's smoking hot, with a lot of smoke! People around me wear a mask, but I can't stand wearing one. It makes breathing difficult but without it, I'll be sucking the smokey air, it's just a lose-lose situation. The sad news is my children constantly hit by cough, especially early in the morning (around 5 a.m.) I keep the window shut, of course, but the smoke still finds a way to penetrate our window.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Children's Book

I like children's book and I cannot lie. Oh wait, in fact I LOVE them. I believe there's no shame about it, everyone is entitled to his/her book preference. I didn't find out my soft spot for this until recently. I read adult books during my teenage years, and I am not really fond of YA books, so ideally, children's book wouldn't catch my attention.