Monday, February 1, 2016

DNF Review : The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden by Emma Trevayne

Title : The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden
Author : Emma Trevayne
Publication date : July 28th 2015 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 

Who wouldn't be intrigued reading such title? I was in Middle Grade novel fever a few months back (still is, actually) and reading the title alone is enough to make me crave this book. Oh, and not to mention the gorgeous cover. Ideally, this is how a middle grade book should look like.

Thomas and his father Silas were "professional" grave diggers. They operated at night, raiding fresh graves for anything that would be worth of money. One night, out of the blue, Thomas found a body, inside a grave he dug, that looked identically like him.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

3 Signs You Need to Put That Book Down

The year 2015 was a good year for me in terms of reading. I didn't digest tons of books, only a handful in fact, however I am glad to tell you that most of them are good. I only put 1 book on my DNF list last year. Maybe because I way much pickier now and it allows me to select books that are suitable for my taste.

As for sucky books, I believe they actually give some signs that if you pay enough attention, can save your precious time. These are the reasons why I put that kind of book down and never look back.

#1 The book refuses to communicate
Hard to understand narration and confusing dialogues are the most obvious signs. I am sure you have come across book of this kind and it's a pain in the bottom to read. The bad news is, if this is the author's writing style, the chances for it to get better is very low. So, be kind to your soul, pick another book and move on

Monday, January 25, 2016

Review : The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson

Title : The Girl who Kicked The Hornet's Nest (Millenium #3)
Author : Stieg Larsson
Publication date : May 25th 2010 by Knopf

You know, it took me quite long to finish this book. I didn't realize the many pages it consist of. A good thing, I suppose, because it means it's a real page-turner. Finishing this book also felt like swallowing a good meal to me, fulfilling and satisfying.

If I could describe this book in one word, it would be "crazy". Yes, because the writer didn't let me, as the reader to sit down nicely and savoring the book. This is not the kind of book you read in a rainy day with hot chocolate to accompany you.

It won't work, trust me. It's a crime book, what can you expect?

Lisbeth is now in the hospital for recovery. She feels helpless, she has no access to computer, she can't do hacking. On the other hand, her trial is about to come. Mikael is doing whatever he can to help her meanwhile Sweden's top criminals just won't stop getting in the way.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Late Happy New Year!

Oh my, I cannot tell you how much I miss blogging. Due to end of year my workload was (still is) quadrupled and it left me feeling very exhausted and grumpy. I don't know when it going to end, I seriously need a holiday because the last one wasn't long enough.

I also have just realized that it has been a long long while since I finished reading a book. I am just too tired all I wanted was a pillow. Well, the good thing is I believe nothing last forever, this wreck is bound to end, too and I can't wait. The sooner the better.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Perks of Being a Mother

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing great. We Indonesians celebrate mother's day this month, so I thought, why not make an early mother's day post? As a mother myself, I can say that being one isn't easy but it's the most rewarding duty ever. Having a child is like buying a new electronic device without receiving a manual book. I was overwhelmed, I thought I couldn't do it.

The hardest part for me is when my children are sick. The guilt will strikes from every direction and when you're at work, it's hard to focus on your task knowing that your children are waiting for you to come home and comfort them. This is also make me so envious with stay at home moms.

Before having a child, I had what they call a freedom. I traveled to the neighboring city whenever boredom strikes, I shopped till I dropped, money was never a problem. Heck, I only had to fund myself! Now, these are a long lost hobbies or should I say, "escape" because my life was so bland it had nothing special whatsoever. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Bookworm Habits Non Readers (usually) Don't Understand

Hello everyone! Great to see you again. Being the quiet type, I often see some habits we bookworms have. Non readers might find it weird, even crazy while I, on the other hand consider it perfectly normal. Hecks, sometimes even I as a bookworm myself have a hard time understanding my fellow book lovers.

Below is the list of habits I find quite frequently done by bookworms. This post is made for you, non readers so if you have loved ones who love to read, hopefully this will help you understand their point of view.

Book sniffing
Yup, even I as a bookworm don't understand this thing. I work with paper all day at work, I don't care to smell them again when I am relaxing. They keep on saying "new book smells so good", but then again, it must have something to do with the whole experience. Book shopping is fun, it's not about the smell, if you ask me.