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Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

To tell you the truth, this is not really my first time blogging. Yes, I started this blog last September, but before that, I did have another blog. The difference is, my previous blog was actually about random things that I found interesting. I didn't take it seriously, after all. I wrote for it for a few months then I started to get bored. Why, because I was not passionate about the topic I blogged about. I did found the topic interesting, but it doesn't mean that I am passionate about it. Based on that, here are some things that I find to be important for new bloggers (I am still new too, anyway) or those of you who are looking forward to start your own blog.

Make sure you are passionate about the topic you want to blog about

A passion is important to keep you motivated. Blogging is a continuous work and in order for it to work well, you have to stay interested. Getting bored sometimes is very normal, though. Think about a topic that you believe you still can write about in the next five years, for example. Now, that's what they call "passion".

Have some posts in advance before launching your blog

How I wish I knew it before I started this blog! It would help you a great deal, trust me. Having some post in advance (let's say 20 posts) enables you to set up you regular schedule with less hassle. Imagine you have 20 posts already with you and you plan to update your blog every day, it means that you don't have to worry about writing a new content for the next 20 days. In the mean time, you have plenty of time to think about what you are going to write for the next posts.

Keep an eye on your favorite bloggers

Ask your self why you like their blogs, analyze what works and what doesn't, then apply to your own blog. Successful bloggers succeed because they did something right, didn't they? Don't be too hard on yourself if you can't be as big as they are (yet). Remember the saying "Rome wasn't build in a day" ? The same thing applies to your blog. It takes time for it to really mature and reach your targeted readers. In the meantime, just keep writing.

Write with your own style, that's what makes you stand out

Don't bother copying other's writing style, even though you are their biggest fan. Everyone has his/her own unique voice and that's what makes you visible among the crowd. Use your personality in your writing, be it your witty charm, mysterious attitude, you name it. Unique blog is an interesting blog and people just love interesting blog.

And when your blog is finally launched...

Please, please, please make it readable for us the readers. It's a well known fact  and also a general truth that white background with black text is the best format for human eyes.  Those flashy images and texts hurts our eyes and sometimes sadly, we have to leave before we can actually read your writings. We come to your blog for a reason, please let us enjoy our stay *winks*

Now, I hope what I said above would help you in blogging. If you have more tips, feel free to share in the comment section! The last but not least, have fun. Blogging is a fun activity to begin with, so keep it that way!

Happy blogging!


  1. 1000% agree and my daughter is my passion and also to record her development every day, month and year and when Alika grows up she'll read about her story and let her know that I love her so much..

    1. Oh, babies grow so fast! Seeing them grow is just plain fun ;)


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