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Friday, June 15, 2012

Review : The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain

Tittle : The Good Father
Author : Diane Chamberlain
Publication date : April 24, 2012 by Mira
Source : NetGalley

The first time I saw The Good Father on Goodreads, I was instantly interested. I love stories about parents' love to their children and most of the time, stories like that touches my heart. I am a parent myself and it makes it easier to relate to the characters and when I can relate to the characters well, the book usually gets good rating from me.

Twenty three-year-old Travis Brown had nothing other than his van and his four-year-old daughter, Bella. He wanted to be a marine biologist, but the luck didn't seem to be on his side. He worked in construction while his mother took care of Bella. One day, the house they lived in burned. His mother sacrificed her life to save Bella leaving both her and her father in distress. Travis got laid off and struggle to feed (and raise) Bella on his own.

The Good Father is not a happy story at all. It's a tale of struggle and determination, so yes, you may want to prepare a box of tissue or two. The story itself is very emotional and engaging. I can say that it's quite a page turner. I reached halfway of the book before I knew it. This book is told by three main characters of it and all of them are in first person point of views. I like first person point of view, but the problem is when it's delivered by multiple characters, it tends to sounds very similar, making it more difficult to know who tells what. This book did give me that same impression, but somehow it's overshadowed by the interesting plot, making it less irritating. 

This book tells the readers that even  good parents can do crazy things for their beloved children, that's the danger of frustration and desperation. I read somewhere that Chamberlain has a psychology background,so, no wonder the characters are believable and seem very real. There is still one good thing I like about this book, it is told in a fast paced manner. Everything are straight to the point and it gives me the impression that the author dooesn't like giving her reader unnecessary "filler". Despite of that fact, I believe that there are still room in the story where more complexities can be added, well just to make the story more colorful and intense.

Well, I still give it 5 rating, anyway. Thanks, Mrs. Chamberlain for relating to us, parents who would do anything to keep our children safe!

If you feel like reading a story of parenthood, then I strongly recommend The Good Father. It's a very emotional book that surely will touch your heart, as it did with mine.

Having written 21 novels, have you read other works of Diane Chamberlain?

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