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Friday, November 30, 2012

Review : The After Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer

Tittle : The After Wife
Author : Gigi Levangie Grazer
Publication date :July 10, 2012 by Ballantine Books

When I first saw the cover of  The After Wife, it made me wonder what on earth was the lady doing on top of the tree while wearing high heels? I mean, you just don't climb a tree with those on your feet, right? Very inconvenient indeed!

Hannah Bernal has just lost her husband, John due to tragic and sudden accident. She was left devastated and she didn't even know how to move on. Still, she had a three-year-old daughter who "forced" her to be strong. Lucky for Hannah, she had a grief team, a group of her bestfriends who were there for here during the toughest times.

Hannah thought she was crazy the day she started seeing and talking with the dead and after a while, she definitely had her chance to see and talk to John again. Having this kind of gift, would it be a blessing or a disaster for her? Is it true that the dead tells no tales? Only her can answer.

During the first few chapters, I didn't know it would be a ghost themed story. The After Wife seems just like any other chick-lit books. I love the sense of humor, the dialogues are hilarious. I can feel the ache Hannah felt when she missed her husband. I mean, it must be a real tragedy that is definitely hard to cope with. The characters are interesting, I like Hannah's friends and they seem real and believable.

However, things went a bit slow when I was halfway of the story. There was just too much unnecessary filler. If only it were filled with "necessary" stuffs which gives more value to the plot, I am sure it would be more interesting. I find myself putting down the The After Wife several times because of it. 

Now let's talk about the ending. I don't think it was executed very well either. It's like it happens just like that and because the author says so. I definitely question many things about the book, like what happens with the characters after that or whether Hannah would keep on dating her dead husband John. Ending should mean a closing and conclusion, I didn't really find them in this book.

Frankly, I have a mixed feeling about this novel. It's one of the hardest book to rate. Well, I think 3 would do it justice. It's a good book, actually, I enjoyed it, but the filler and ending just don't work really well. 

Now, your turn. Do you like reading paranormal romance?

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