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Friday, March 1, 2013

Review : Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Tittle : Shopaholic and Baby (Shopaholic #5)
Author : Sophie Kinsella
Publication date : February 27th 2007 by The Dial Press

Now, let's talk about the Shopaholic series again. I have a confession to make that this Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) series has been my guiltiest pleasure. I know Becky could be a very annoying character, however, I don't why know I always end up wanting for more. Yes, she could be shallow sometimes, but this series never fails to make me laugh (so far).

Becky is now pregnant and Luke is excited, or so it seems. She is so excited to change doctors because she thinks the one she's with now is completely boring. So there is this doctor called Venetia Carter who she's dying to be in labour with. She's young, stylish and many Hollywood actresses go to her. Becky believes she's just perfect, until she finds out about her past.

Alright, Shopaholic & Baby also begins with a letter, but this time it's not about Becky's credit card bill. Yay! Finally the repetitiveness is gone, me likey! I can say that in this book, Becky has changed to a different and more mature person. She's reasonably responsible, she still shops (well, that's the point of the book, right?), however it's not as crazy as in the previous books.

The story itself is light and easy, still of all the Shopaholic books, this one is my favorite and I cannot wait to finish the series. Reading it is such a wonderful way to relax myself after a long tiring day of work. Some of you may find this book to be irritating beyond believe, however I believe that Sophie Kinsella wrote Shopaholic to readers who read for fun (like me), so there's no need to take it too seriously.

As for the weaknesses of the book, I didn't really find much. I'd like to know more about what happens to Venetia Carter after the drama during Becky's labour, though, still it doesn't mean that the book is less enjoyable. I love Shopaholic & Baby very much. This is a must read series for all chick-lit lovers. Oh, here's my favorite quote of the book:
"Your contraction are coming every three minutes?"
"Uh-huh." Suddenly I realize I must have been standing in this reception are for at least three minutes.
"I'm coping with them silently." I inform her with dignity. "I'm a Scientologist."
5 rating for Shopaholic & Baby. If you are looking for something to cheer you up, by all means pick this book. Now your turn, did you find Becky to be an annoying and shallow character?

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