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Monday, July 8, 2013

Review : And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Tittle : And The Mountains Echoed
Auhor : Khaled Hosseini
Publication date : May 21, 2013 by Riverhead

I have read Hosseini's two other books in the past and I can say that he is indeed a master in storytelling. I just love his writing style and of course, his ability to tear the reader's heart apart. Till date A Thousand Splendid Suns remains as the saddest book I've read in my life. I read it about 5 years ago and somehow I still feel the "pain". I am not one of those who rereads books, fortunately and I can't imagine the agony I have to go through if I decide to read the book again.

Set in the 1950-ies, And the Mountains Echoed is a story of two siblings who loved each other to death. Let's meet Abdullah and Pari two children who lived in a poverty. Life was a struggle and their mother died when when they were both still very young. One day, the children's father, Saboor decided to take the brother and sister to Kabul and since that day, things were never going to be the same again.

I have to tell you that within the first few chapters, the book had had gripped my attention as if it wouldn't let me put it down. The book made my emotions a little unstable, thanks to Hosseini's talent in touching reader's heart and I found my self dabbing a tear or two. It was a sad book, I admit, but is it as sad as the previous ones?


In fact, I found too many missing pieces in And the Mountains Echoed.  I don't know if it's me who has extremely high expectation (let's face it, his other two books were amazing!), but the unfinished business in it is quite annoying. Unless it's a series, I expect a book to have a solid conclusion when it comes to the ending. I have so many questions about what happens to the characters because there's no further explanations about them.

The story itself is told by multiple point of view which the characters are related to each other. There are many characters on this book, in fact too many they do not add anything important for the story at all. To me, they seem to be created for distraction purpose and that's not cool! To sum it up, the first few pages are very good but as you go on, you'll find it more ramblings and ramblings as if it doesn't know what it exactly wants!

And the Mountains Echoed is my most anticipated book in 2013, but the fact that it disappoints me makes me sad. I want to love it so much, but I just can't. The writing style doesn't change, it is still amazing, however a good book needs more than just a writing style. And the ending? Oh, that's the biggest disappointment of all, it makes me want to cry (of disappointment, not of happiness, that is).

And here's my favorite quote:
"Some people hide their sadness very well, Pari. He was like that. You couldn't tell looking at him. He was a hard man. But I think, yes, I think he was sad inside."

"Are you?" My father would smile and say, "why should I be when I have you?" but, even at that age, I could tell. It was like a birthmark on his face.
3 rating for And the Mountains Echoed. I have such a big hope for this, but unfortunately it just doesn't work. If you're so curious about the book, go on and pick it up. If you're in the mood for a little sad book and have no problem with what seems to be an incomplete story, you might like it. Your turn, what is your most anticipated book for this year?

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