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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review : The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Tittle : The Secret Garden
Author : Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publication date : 1911 get this book free at Project Gutenberg)

I know it is not the norm for me to read classics, but I changed my mind. I am now even greedier and for no particular reason, classics got my attention again. Some of you may know that I love stories from the past and I think it's a good addition to historical fiction books.

The tittle of this book catches my attention ( I have soft spot for flowers, garden, etc), actually it had been sitting in my to read list for years, but since I had temporary disinterest in classic, it remained untouched. But, starting today, classic would be a regular feature and since they have a place in many readers' heart, they certainly have a place here in this blog.

Mary Lennox was a ten-year-old orphan girl who lived in India. She was thin and had this disagreeable look and too make matters worse, she was so bad tempered. One day she found out that she had an uncle in England and not long after that she lived with him. It was a big house, where she lived and she also heard about her sickly cousin, Colin and the secret garden which belonged to his late mother.

If I had to describe The Secret Garden in one word, it would be "cute". I can't say that it's so amazing, but I did find it to be enjoyable, and somehow deep down it it touched my heart. This book gives an impression that people were so sincere back then. They helped each other and quite trustworthy. I wish the situation is the same these days. I really do.

If you read modern fictions a lot, the beginning of the story may not be your liking though. An orphan in a new place where nobody knows or care about her except the housekeeper, I think it's just a typical of classic children novels (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?) and you may find some repetitiveness in the narration. The plot itself kind of doesn't make senses, example Mary's late mother didn't love or care about her. I mean, I am a mother and it's kind of insulting. Every mother loves her child, unless she's crazy. Well, I believe Mary's mother was crazy, but the story described her as a very pretty socialite lady. Doesn't make sense at all (at least to me).

As an adult reader, I think The Secret Garden is too simple and too sweet it hurts my teeth. Still, I believe it's a good story for those of you who want to entice your children to read. Children just love happy ending, right? Yes, they will have it in this book.

4 rating for The Secret Garden (geez, I can't believe I kind of like it!). If you are tired of crime novels that full of villains, give this novel a try, I think it would calm you down *giggles*.

So, are you a fan of classic?

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