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Monday, January 23, 2017

Authors I Want to

I thought being a bookworms means impossible to have a favorite author. See, "most favorite book" is the most despised question ever, so a favorite author must be a similar thing, right? Fortunately, no. Well, as am omnivorous reader, I read almost any genre (except for what I am not comfortable of, actually), but just like eating food, of course you will have your favorite, too!

If you check my profile on Goodreads, you will see the names listed below are on my favorite author list. I can say that I want to read every book written by them and I pray that they will continue writing for as long as possible. And of course, I wish that they get the attention they deserve because, gosh! They're too good to ignore. Let me introduce to them (yeah, as if they're not famous already!)

Tracy Chevalier
If you're a fan of historical fiction, you must be familiar with this name. She has written 9 books so far which some I have read and I am always satisfied. It didn't take me long to add her into my favorite author list and gosh! Chevalier is so underrated. The Hollywood so far only has made one movie out of her books. Can you believe that? One! (start with : The Virgin Blue, The Girl with a Pearl Earring).

Sarah Addison Allen
I discover her books by accident, actually. I was a but new to magical realism and at first, I didn't get the point of her books. I kept on waiting for real magic to appear but instead, only a subtle hint appeared. I was intrigued, so that's how you serve your readers? Yeah, I like that! She has this tendency to read about magical people in a small town, making it seems like book version of Storybrooke. Try her works if you are looking for something light and airy, but heartwarming. (start with : The Girl who Chased the Moon, Garden Spells).

Jonathan Auxier
He has written "only" 4 books, so what? Doesn't mean Auxier is not gifted. He's one the most talented fantasy author out there and I am glad that he gets the attention he deserves. He has this witty writing style and I love it when he makes the protagonists a hero on their own way. The last time I heard the news about him, Disney is going to film one of his books, The Night Gardener and I can't wait to see it on screen. I am so going to take my family to the theater! (start with : The Night Gardener, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes).

Jan-Phillip Sendker
You must be tired of me praising this guy. Well, in my defense, Sendker is that good! Sometimes I resent the attention he doesn't get. The first time I read The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, the book haunted my mind for a few months. Can you imagine that. Now it's still roaming in my head as I am writing this. That book clearly changed my life and funnily it made me believe that true love really does exist. (start with : The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, of course).

Enought about me! I am sure you have favorite authors, too. Tell us about authors you want to read more of! Do you think they get enough attention? How do you find new authors to read? I am so curious!

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